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Looking for the Owner of a White & Ginger Cat - Leon

We have a male cat who has been at our house for the last couple of weeks now and is there last thing at night and first thing at the morning, as though he isn't going anywhere else. He is really friendly with our own cat so could just be around for her but he looks like he has been getting into a few fights recently as he has a large scab behind his right ear and this morning was dirty with a bloody patch on his forehead so we're getting a little worried about him and think he may be missing from his home.

This same cat was at ours for a while a few years ago and I posted on here and the owners got in touch with me to come and get him, he is called Leon.

Please let me know if you know this cat's owners or if you are the owners. It could be that he is a stray now and no longer wanted, if that is the case please let me know and we may consider taking him on with our own cat.
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