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I am concerned and rather disappointed that certain businesses have began to reopen their doors!? There is a NATIONAL lockdown in place, which believe it or not does include Monton Road. Millions are struggling and hundreds are still dying everyday. The NW is currently the new hot spot with 12% of deaths now coming from this region. Yet certain people believe that opening their business is a good idea? Why should the whole road not reopen if certain people think it is okay to do so?

Shocking and reckless behaviour.


  • Which businesses are they? May as well name and shame, because I haven't noticed any reopened whilst I've been on my (much needed) alternate- day walk around the block.
    I notice the post office opens for a couple of hours most days, most eateries are doing a delivery service (order online or phone), and Tesco Express (with its queues!) open on reduced hours. Otherwise, nothing new.

    The local corner shops/offlicences have been doing a great trade though, (albeit at two or three customers at a time) but they didn't have to close to start with.

    As far as I see it, Monton is still far more locked down than most other areas, judging by the M.E.N. website and others!
  • While on the subject: Why are people still cycling on the pavement? Especially given that the roads are virtually traffic free?

    It is in fact illegal to cycle on pavements (unless it's within a properly marked out cycle lane), due to the high risk of injury to both cyclists and pedestrians alike.

    Besides, with Monton's relatively narrow pavements, cyclists hogging the pavement are making it difficult to practice Social Distancing!

    So cyclists, get back on the road, it's where you should be. Use the current lock-down with its reduced traffic to demand your own free space on the road, and don't allow any vehicle to force you back into the gutter. Read and take full notice of the Highway Code, it exists for your own protection, and is enforceable by Law!

    Oh, and will everyone please stop spitting! That includes you joggers!
  • The one next to the bookies

  • The coffee house is open for takeaway, they have social distancing measures in place and are only allowing 2 people in at a time.

  • Several of the restaurants are offering takeaways. Tesco and Go Local are food shops so are allowed to open as is the chemist. As far as I am aware, no other shop has opened. If they have, you need to report them to the police.
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