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Old Fabric Boutique premises

Does anyone know what this is going to be. Builders completely remodelling, but can’t see anything on the planning portal.


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    Yes, it's going to be a "Lash Academy" apparently, another beauty shop. A woman from Aurora down the road has taken over it.
  • Seriously?! How many eyelash places do we need on Monton Road!? Such as shame as someone could've done something really different with this place! It's a great retail space and the last thing we need is another beauty place. Can thing of at LEAST 100 better ideas for this shop!!!!!!!! Since when were eyelashes the most important things in the world!!?? Waste of a good retail unit in my opinion.
  • Greeleybobs - is this true?? Like bub said above....what a waste of space! Surely the council can see now how many ‘beauty’ places there are on the Monton Rd, so why the need for any more?! The Monstrosity where bargain booze once was looks hideous enough to drive any new sophisticated business elsewhere. Fabric unit is a decent sized space - could be put to much better use. Has Monton peaked already??

  • It’s great because , there isn’t an eye lash shop on the road , another different tasteful shop,
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    Yes, sadly it is very true. I find it strange that all these beauty shops can exist and be profitable in such a saturated location.

  • Totally agree with NorthernSoul! Would much rather see more shops that will attract people to Monton and help support our local businesses rather than loads of makeup and beauty salons! Another beauty place will only attract a certain type of customer! We need something that everyone can enjoy!
    Council or whoever owns all these units seriously needs to sort out and plan on what different types of businesses Monton Village needs!
    I wouldn't call a 'Lash Academy' particularly "tasteful", like aboo8189 says!
  • We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. Meanwhile, there’s half a dozen places in Monton where you can get your natural eyelashes made weird.

  • What???? This is so disappointing! This is such a good, big premises, I was hoping for a deli/grocer/fish/meat place not yet another beauty place.

  • Yes Mr W as we enter our now certain fate the Scouse look will be the way to go

    At least it's not another booze joint

  • It was either going to be a beauty place or a coffee shop, they are the only 2 retail offerings that seem able to make a profit now a days, and to be fair to the landlord he is going to rent to whoever can operate a successful business rather than have an empty unit, so whilst it would be great to having something different people are not going to set up a business nor is the landlord going to rent to someone who is likely to fail. Agree totally on the pink thing across the road...words fail
  • Maybe another classy shopfront to add to the list!!

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    Well the new shop is better than this visual treat of a closed Bargain Booze, which has been empty for about 4 years. Would people prefer closed and empty shops as opposed to something that is actually open?

  • Emmers.....a closed bargain booze is much less offensive than that hideous eyesore. It is as aesthetically pleasing as the clients that come out of it after a ‘treatment’.

  • Another beauty parlour? What a joke. The high street is absolutely littered with them now, some shops even have them above as well as on the ground floor.
  • Better than silly suggestions like , grocers, fishmongers , that can never survive as nobody uses them
  • Looking at their website, it seems to be a bona fide training establishment offering genuine qualifications.
    Not just another beauty parlout then? Should be opening soon - let's wait and see.
  • MVCA asked the planning office about the amount of beauty shops on the high street. This was the reply.
    There is no limit regarding what shops can be on a high street. Planning policy seeks to protect the 'vitality and viability' of local centres. If there is an over concentration of non-retail uses that can undermine the success of centres and is something that can be resisted BUT there are no specified limits to work to. Depends on size of centre, size of premises, location of premises, function and the role of that centre
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