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Monton Heritage Afternoon see Monton Past and Present

Want to know more about Monton and it's history then come along on Sunday 6th October to Monton Heritage Afternoon.
2.00 - 5.00 to see and hear:-
* MVCA members in costumes thro the decades
* 1930 bus
* short play by Barton Players
* 1930s music

then over to the Monton Unitarian Church Hall where there will be:-
* Exhibition of Monton Past and Present.
* Variety of photos of Along the Bridgewater, Monton Green thro the Ages, The Changing Face of Monton Road and Did You Know? Snippets
of Monton History
* short talk on the History of the Veterans' shelter affectionately known as the Old Man's shelter
Coffee/Teas/biccies and homemade cake to round off the afternoon
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