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The Blind pig

Any other residents fed up with the noise & anti social behaviour that occurs most evenings at the Blind pig??? The management have no control or authority with when it comes to closing time. Last orders are called at 11, but for the last few weeks(and previous summers) there are still noisy crowds outside gone well past midnight. On a Friday & Saturday they are open until 12 yet crowds still hanging around at 1.30am. It’s not fair on young families or folk who have work early the next morning. All bars should serve only until 11 every night, why the Blind Pig has to be different? We have called the bar several times after closing time to complain yet they seem helpless to disperse the crowd. Would be good to see if anyone else felt the same way & would be willing to contact the council to raise this issue further.


  • Yes we also have issues with the bling pig. We’re sick of their customers urinating and snorting drugs in our street. It’s disgusting. I can’t see any benefits of having all of these bars in our neighbourhood. They don’t seem to give anything back to the community. Just endless headaches and sleepless nights. We’re thinking of moving house. living in monton isn’t that great at the minute.

  • Unfortunately, Monton has become a tourist hotspot...
  • Completely agree, it’s really upsetting but monton doesn’t seem to be for the residents anymore. All that’s happening is we are getting more and more bars.

  • Yes. Late to this thread but YES! We’re getting really fed up with the place. We live on Granville street and on a weekend we are often disturbed by the noisy music and customers. On a hot bank holiday weekend it’s a total nightmare. I don’t understand how they are getting away with the music volume in a residential area. And it’s on til way past 11 every Friday and Saturday. I’ve complained to the council before and got nowhere. I’ve also messaged them directly several times on their Facebook page. They used to be quite receptive to polite requests to turn down volumes but they haven’t been recently. I’d urge anyone who is annoyed with them to do what I’m planning on doing and submitting a noise diary to the council.

  • Jmooooo - we also live on Granville street so I completely understand what your saying. I have complained to the council via their complaints page about their licence but didn’t get much joy. I was also told to put in a noise complaint which I will do. I have rang the bar numerous times but whichever manager is on duty seems reluctant or powerless to move these people on after closing time. The last time I spoke to them(about 10 days ago)I was invited in to speak to their manager/owner but I would rather go through the council. I would hope that more residents put in an official complaint as I don’t see how they can have a later licence than other bars?? Plus it seems to attract the wrong type - only last week I saw lads urinating up against wall of Costa coffee and then going round back of shops to do whatever they were doing(drugs no doubt).

  • jmoooooooooo I don't live in Monton but have contacted my councillor a couple of times regarding other things with a 100% success rate.
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    This needs shutting down as its out of control

    great staff,doormen are fab but looked stressed as it's a heated place......testosterone,steroids and white powder all mixed together

  • NorthernSoul - I live on Highfield Drive and I contacted our local councillor as far back as 2014, asking that something be done about the noise. The problem seemed to get better for a while, and then just got worse again!
    I agree that the 'Blind Pig' doesn't really seem to care about what their customers do, despite repeated informal requests from local residents to try and resolve the problem.
    I think it may take a concerted effort from the residents who live locally to approach the council to make sure they do something to formally resolve the situation. As a first step, I would be willing to start a residents' petition on Highfield Drive, requesting that the council address this problem. If others could similarly complete a petition on other streets, we could gather together a fair number of signatures that the council may actually take notice of? What do you think?
  • I never go in because the food is rubbish and I am not into boozing

    I walk past and see/hear a baying mob with pints in their hands instead of burning torch sticks

    I would hate to be trying to live near that never mind raising a family or getting some sleep

    a lot of Monton's trouble is mini bused in en mass and it reached a tipping point some time ago

    if the unit next to the opticians and the old motorcycle shop at the other end become bars/restaurants it will make sure no residents escape the sprawl and given the zero presence of police not long before it's a no go area for decent people after 8pm Thursday to Sunday

  • I’ve lived in Monton for 18years and most of the trouble on the road I see comes from the Park Inn, I agree that no one wants to see anti social behaviour in our village but I also remember when the BlindPig was the Drop Inn and the house prices were 2/3rds the price they currently are. I’m not condoning or disagreeing with some of the points made in this thread but I also think (dare I say) the Blind Pig gets a rough ride.

    Its renovation sparked a revolution and along with it followed other like minded creative entrepreneurs laTurka, Cult, Zous, Plyo, forcing others to adapt to keep up like The Park, 6/cut, Enotica, Blacksticks etc. I take my hat off to all of them and I for one along with all other residents have benefitted not only socially but financially.

    Perhaps a word with the owner may be a simple solution but lets not forget just how much we’ve all benefited in the last few years from what I can see they started.

    Controversial point of view I know

  • In the course of running their respective business's they are not showing the residents of Monton much respect.

    Their 'animal house' pack em in/numbers game approach to meeting the public need isn't adding anything to the village other than mess and noise.

    Once It gets its first major fight/riot or shooting then the resulting dynamics will be irreversible

    The Park seems to host quad bike racing on some weekends.....nice touch folks,really classy

    i don't live in the village but walk through it of an evening and find it appalling and disgusting where things are going

    In contrast it's pretty cute during the day and generally pleasant folk are around

  • Sorry I disagree with Jamie. I’m not living in monton for financial gain. I live here because it was a nice little village. I’d much rather 50% of these bars would disappear thank you very much. I’m sick of drunken idiots urinating and snorting drugs on my street and having to hop over piles of vomit on the morning school run. Again, I can’t see what all of these bars etc bring to the village. They don’t seem to be putting in to the pot to maintain the place, that’s done by local volunteers. Monton is just being abused and the residents are paying the price. So the increase in property prices (which is across the board anyway) makes no difference to me as when I moved here, I planned on staying.

  • Try contacting the holding company's CEO, the company is Bermondsey Pub co. Don't know the CEO'S name but the phone number is 03333201723

  • Contact your local Eccles Councillor

    Ms Sharmina August

    [email protected]

  • Maybe move away from a high street if you don’t like a bit of noise. People need somewhere to go and enjoy themselves. I’d welcome more bars and places to eat to Monton Road. People need to get over this ‘village’ nonsense. Monton is no more of a village than Prestwich is. It’s a district between Eccles and Swindon!

  • MrWhiskers - moving away is hardly a well thought out resolution to these concerns that most locals have.

    I too would welcome more bars if they enhanced the ‘village’ and didn’t cause the problems the Blind Pig does, and I would certainly welcome more places to eat as I think it is lacking in variety. Although we do enjoy eating at some of these establishments, it would be good to have something a bit different.

    There is no reason why the Blind Pig needs to be open later than all the other bars, plus the management & doormen cannot control the crowds. From someone who lives very nearby it certainly brings a lot of antisocial behaviour.

  • I feel the need to urinate in the side streets now too even though I live nearby......just to be in with the in crowd

    Monton reached a tipping point some years ago and needs a rethink

    a village without restaurants,bars,shops (even beauty/hair salons create good daytime footfall) simply wouldn't be a village

    Sadly the drunks take over after 8pm and I think an 11pm finish on Fridays and Saturdays isn't unreasonable

  • I was driving down the high street a couple of weeks ago and got to the roundabout and there was just a guy stood there with his bits out, peeing in the street. He wasn't even facing a wall with his back to the street, just stood facing the road. This was about 3pm, absolutely disgusting.
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