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Local Chartered Accountant

Hi, I’m a local Chartered Accountant who works within the Big 4, I live opposite Monton Green Primary.

If you require any accounting services then please give me a shout - accounts, tax, self assessment, VAT etc

If you claim mileage from work at less than 45p per mile, wash your own work uniform, work from home as part of your employment, work for the NHS or are a teacher, earn less than £11,000 per year and have had a PPI claim, pay for your own work instruments e.g. hairdresser buying scissors......

Then message me as I’ll be able to get you a tax rebate, I recently achieved £200 for a local nurse and £120 for a teacher.

No fees up front needed - if you’re not sure about your profession then message me.

If you want some generic viagra then I’m sure you can also find some on this forum.... 😐


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